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At Everbrilliant, we are dedicated to provide our customers with innovative and quality products, we offer long-term commitment to our customers and our employees with mutual benefits and win-win solutions.

Who We Are
We have been serving the global market since 2002, as a professional manufacturer and marketer of fashionable consumer electronics, with our strong R&D capabilities, good management and strict quality control, our products enable the consumers to relax and better organize their busy, tedious and routine daily life, especially the on-the-go consumers. Life becomes colorful with our products !

What We Do
We develop and manufacture series of consumer electronics, designed and manufactured to offer top quality, usefulness and value, our products range from Smart Watches, Fitness Trackers, TWS Headphones, Real-Time Language Translators etc. We are proud to be the manufacturing partner for world-renowned brands and retailers.

With R&D and manufacturing facilities located in Shenzhen, China, from product design, prototype, molding, SMT, bonding, plastic injection, painting, assembly etc., every step is under our strict quality control, we are capable to deliver you an outstanding product, just tell us your idea, we will get everything done for you !

The Future Of Everbrilliant
With the wisdoms and talents of our people, we are always pursuing for a new era of quality, innovation and growth. Our goal is very simple: to serve our customer better by offering them innovative and outstanding products with superior quality and affordable prices.
We, Everbrilliant people trust our future will be more and more brilliant, that is why we called our company “Everbrilliant Enterprise”. 

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